About Us

Here at Statues & Sculptures Online, we create high quality and exciting contemporary sculptures for your home and garden – and provide customer service to match.

Garden sculptures have held an appeal for thousands of years. While the gardens we place them within are constantly changing, with new plants constantly growing, wilting, and growing again with the changing seasons, a well-chosen sculpture forms an aesthetic anchor – it’s an oasis of permanence in a sea of constant change, and so it’s form a valuable part of garden setups for years to come. The diversity of our exquisite collection means we have the perfect piece to match any home and garden.

The perfect indoor sculpture draws the eye and the mind, and if a picture says a thousand words then a sculpture can surely communicate a million. We have a large array of handcrafted designs, so that whatever you’re looking for you can find the ideal piece for your home. There’s no better gift for a friend either, than a tasteful abstract sculpture with which to decorate their house. We’ve made it so easy to browse through our collection; it couldn’t be simpler to discover the sculpture you’ve been dreaming of.

While the idea of a solid stone sculpture is one that’s been around for a while, modern techniques and materials have helped to push the art-form forward to new heights. The items you’ll find on these pages are each built from dolomite composite, and will cope with even the harshest peaks of winter and summer.

It’s our aim to provide our customers with the choice they crave – so that they can select those elusive items that will really help to complete an interior or exterior space. So why not take a look through our selection? You’re sure to find something to match your taste and setting.