Welcome to Exclusive Sculptures

The sculptures you’ll find in our Exclusive Collection are available only from Statues & Sculptures Online. We understand that your choice of sculpture can massively influence the look of your home or garden - making the difference between a merely acceptable space and one that takes the breath away. That’s why we take pains to stock only the finest contemporary sculptures, crafted by only the most skilled craftspeople.

Each sculpture is matched with a pedestal to complement its design, allowing it to bring the best out of any setting it’s placed into. Whether you’re looking to enhance a garden, living room, patio, conservatory or swimming pool, you’ll be able to find a suitable item amongst our selection.

Our craftspeople are highly skilled, and create contemporary sculptures from dolomite composite – which can withstand temperatures as high as eighty degrees, and as low as minus twenty. You can be sure, then, that your sculpture will be able to cope with all weather conditions. What’s more, our bases and pedestals are made to the same high standards – and so will help to elevate the sculptures they support in more ways than one.


Sculpture is one of the most enduring forms of artistic expression – and, with the help of modern techniques and materials, we’re able to bring it to your home or garden as never before. The perfect indoor sculpture draws the eye and the mind, and if a picture says a thousand words then a sculpture can surely communicate a million.

We have a large array of handcrafted designs, so that whatever you’re looking for you can find the ideal piece for your home. There’s no better gift for a friend either, than a tasteful abstract sculpture with which to decorate their house. We’ve made it so easy to browse through our collection; it couldn’t be simpler to discover the sculpture you’ve been dreaming of.

It’s our aim to provide our customers with the choice they crave – so that they can select those elusive items that will really help to complete an interior or exterior space. So why not take a look through our selection?

You’re sure to find something to match your taste and setting.